Campus Master Plan

Forward Thinking

One of the goals of our Long Range Strategic Plan is to be “Forward Thinking, reshaping our structure, operations and communications to prepare the congregation for our third century of ministry.” A Campus Master Planning Team has been at work for a year to refine the values we hope our campus will embody.

We’ve engaged the Houser Walker firm to guide us through a Campus Master Planning Process. Houser Walker has already facilitated four Town Hall meetings with our congregation and has been in multiple conversations with church and staff members about the ministries and opportunities ahead of us.

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By the end of this process, we will have a master plan for our campus—a sort of strategic plan specific to our facilities. We will not be changing our Sanctuary and this process is not a design phase, so what we will see will be a reflection of our own vision and some conceptual drawings that capture possibilities and opportunities. This planning phase will not produce architectural drawings, but will help us prepare for an eventual design process. 

Foundational Values

Drawing from our Long Range Strategic Plan, here are the foundational values guiding our campus master planning process


We want our campus to be easy to navigate and hospitable in every way.

tangible compassion

We want our campus to expand and enhance our care for our vulnerable neighbors. 


We need centralized office and work space that will encourage interactions among staff members.


We want our campus to continue to be architecturally unique and attractive and to reflect the emergence of North Midtown as a diverse cultural center.


We want a high-use campus that thrives throughout the week as a center for purposeful engagement that encourages members, friends, and the larger community to come together. 

spiritual formation and the arts

We need accessible, welcoming, attractive, and technologically-equipped worship, learning, and arts spaces for all ages.


 We need space that will elevate our ability to capture, curate, and distribute worship, educational, theological, and artistic content. 


We want to maintain the architectural integrity of our historic sanctuary and connect the rich history of this church with its challenging future. 


We want our campus to be operationally sustainable and reflect our witness as stewards of God’s creation.

We want to hear from you!

At this stage, we want your feedback! Please complete the survey below so we can gather information from all who utilize our campus for worship, service, education, and any other occasions that bring people through our doors. We are all grateful that we share in the blessing of this space at Peachtree and 16th Streets, and this process will allow us to make it more conducive to the work to which we are called. We look forward to this journey together!