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What is God's Gift Shop?

“God’s Gift Shop is an alternative giving opportunity through FPC’s Global Mission ministry and Community Ministries. We maintain long-term global partnerships with church congregations and their ministries throughout the world, as well as a long-standing ministry program to disadvantaged people in Atlanta. Monies received in God’s Gift Shop go directly to these ministries. Make a donation, or give in honor or in memory of someone today.”

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Agape Gifts

CM1 Haircuts for guests $10

Provide weekly barber supplies for guests needing haircuts

J2 Christmas cheer $25

Give a Christmas market shopping day to a boy or young man living at a home run by the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

CM2 Christmas love $25

Share Target and Walmart gift cards with guests of FPC’s prayer breakfast

R1 Share a meal and welcome $20

Build community through a meal between a refugee family and FPC, Hillside Pres, and Northwest Pres members

J1 FPC/HPC/UCJCI Youth Gathering $100

Help defray the costs of our July 2020 FPC, Hillside, and United Church of Jamaica youth gathering in Atlanta

R2 Broaden the world: Clarkston $50

Help send an individual from FPC, Hillside Pres, or Northwest Pres to a global partnership experience weekend in Clarkston

OF1 Broaden the world: Global (any amount; suggested $50)

The Mission Partnership Trip Opportunity Fund provides a 25% subsidy for any new FPC member participant on a trip to visit our global mission partners. Your gift of any amount will boost this fund.

Gifts for



allows one child to attend a church after-school enrichment program for one semester


allows one child to attend a church after-school enrichment program for one school year



buys and feeds a chicken for the church’s senior feeding program


provides a basket of fresh produce for the church to feed the community in Perico


provides a replacement filter for the church’s water system that helps the entire town

Gifts for



provides a life-saving nutritional supplement to an infant


provides the Bill Rice Clinic with medical support for the community


helps send a child to school – covers teacher training and support, education, books, supplies, and uniform

Economic empowerment

CM3 Fill the transportation gap $12

Give someone transportation to medical appointments, job interviews with a one-week MARTA pass

CM4 Equipped for work $45

Equip someone starting a new job through the gift of work boots or work clothes

CM5 RAP meetings $25

Provide socially empowering services for men participating in FPC’s Redemption After Prison (R.A.P.) program

R3 Jobs for Refugees $100

Fund vocational training or education for refugees or former refugees, and provide them with tools for work


B1 Fortify education and Community $50

Grant one child the ability to attend church after-school enrichment programs in Messejana or Pirambu for one semester

J3 Feed and Equip a child to succeed at school $50

Gift school supplies and lunch money for a child at Mt. Olivet Boys’ Home

B2 Fortify education and community $100

Grant one child the ability to attend church after-school enrichment programs in Messejana or Pirambu for one school year

K1 School uniforms $15

Outfit a child at Hawa Boys’ Home or Tumaini Children’s Home with a school uniform

B3 Books for Brazil $25

Expand the mind by providing our partners the opportunity to select and purchase books for their after-school programs

K2 Tools to learn $20

Augment learning by providing students at Hawa Boys’ Home with school supplies

H1 Comprehensive educational support $125

Bestow everything one child needs for school—covers teacher training, education, books, supplies, uniform, and a hot meal

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H2 Complete infant nutrition $15

Give life-saving nutritional supplement Medika Mamba to an infant

H3 Access to healthcare $50

Grant community access to medical care through the Bill Rice Clinic

Food and Water

Permanent water bottles for children

Grant children in Haiti and Cuba a Nalgene water bottle, custom-printed with an inspirational picture drawn by FPC children. They can fill up the bottle with potable water from the clean water systems at the church in Cuba and the clean water receptacles at their school on the island of La Gonâve, Haiti.

C1 Eggs for seniors $10

Provide a critical supplement to senior citizens’ nutrition by purchasing, feeding, and housing a chicken at the Presbyterian church in Perico

K3 Feed 600 children for a day $30

Feed a simple lunch to 600 elementary school students in the Thome community outside Nairobi

C2 Lunch for seniors $25

Further extend hospitality to seniors in Perico by providing meat or fresh produce for the church’s senior lunch program

CM6 WTC meal $125

Provide a dinner for volunteers and residents at the Women’s Transformation Center to share together

C3 Clean drinking water $50

Provide access to clean water by giving a replacement filter for the church’s community water system

Gifts for



provides a Christmas gift certificate to a child at Mt. Olivet Boys’ Home


provides school supplies and lunch for a child at Mt. Olivet


helps provide vocational supplies and education for a graduate of Mt. Olivet

Gifts for



provides a school uniform for a child at Hawa Boys’ Home or Tumaini Children’s Home


provides school supplies for students living at Hawa Boys’ Home


provides computers for the labs at Hawa Boys’ Home and Tumaini Children’s Home

Gifts for

Global Partnership Trip Scholarship Fund


helps send a new participant on an FPC Global Mission Partnership Trip

Gifts for

Refugee Ministries


allows someone to share a community meal with a refugee family and FPC, Hillside Pres, and Northwest Pres members


contributes towards sending an FPC, Hillside, or Northwest member on a Global Partnership Experience weekend in Clarkston


helps fund educational or vocational training / materials for refugee family members.

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