Lay Leadership

The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing an annual slate of 5 Ruling Elders (two of whom will be Trustee-Elders) and 8 Ministry Leaders who will be ordained for particular service to the church. A slate of nominees will be presented to the congregation at our annual meeting. In accordance with the Book of Order, our church’s Constitution, the Nominating Committee requests nominations from the membership of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for considering nominations and preparing the lists of persons to be recommended for election as Officers of the Church or as members of Pastor Search Committees. 

Associate Pastor for Community Ministries

The Nominating Committee invites the congregation to submit names for the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee that will lead the search for the new Associate Pastor for Community Ministries position. It is not necessary to contact a person in order to submit a recommendation for them. You are asked to use a separate form for each person you recommend. All recommendations must be submitted by October 25, 2019.

The Nominating Committee will rely on the details supplied here to form Associate Pastor Nominating Committees that will represent the prayers and interests of our entire congregation, so please provide as much detail as possible. In selecting candidates for the APNC, every effort will be made to give full expression to the rich diversity of the church’s membership.

Role of the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC)

Taking its direction from the congregation and the Session, the APNC will be responsible for gathering applications for the position of Associate Pastor for Community Ministries. The APNC will prayerfully and thoughtfully deliberate over the candidates and will submit a final recommendation to the congregation for its approval. The APNC members will serve for a period of time necessary to fully complete the duties of the committee.

In accordance with the Book of Order, the APNC is to be comprised of between seven and twelve church members, at least one of whom has previously served on a Search Committee. The slate of candidates for the APNC will be presented for election during a congregational meeting scheduled for December 1, 2019.

To recommend a member for the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee, please click HERE to complete the APNC Recommendation Form

NOMINATION for RULING ELDER: The Ministry of Governance and Discernment

Called by God, elected by the congregation, and ordained, Ruling Elders, together with installed Ministers of Word and Sacrament (Pastors), exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. Specific areas of focus include but are not limited to: worship and the sacraments, communications, connections and membership, the annual budget, personnel, property (decisions requiring expenditure of $10K or more), church discipline, and long range strategic vision and direction.

The Ministry of Service and Compassion

Called by God, elected by the congregation, ordained, individually commissioned, and under the authority of the Session, Ministry Leaders, together with designated staff, serve in specific ministry areas and provide regular reports to update the Session on their areas of ministry. Ministry Leaders are able to serve communion and are trained alongside Ruling Elders. Ministry Leaders are called and ordained to serve and lead in one of the following ministry areas: arts, care, community ministries, discipleship, emerging generations, global mission, servant leadership, or social ventures.