Miss one of our combined Sunday School classes or Lay Academy mini-courses? Interested in accessing our Christian education curriculum off campus? Here you can find downloadable mp3 files and videos from various courses and events.

Great Figures of the New Testament

Each week of this lecture-based series explores the story of a prominent figure in the New Testament. Emphasis will be placed on the historical and theological background of these figures as well as the role they play in Christian thought. Taught by Ryan Bonfiglio. View class material here.

Roadside Religion

In America today, Christianity is not only encountered within the walls of churches or the confines of small group Bible studies. Rather, expressions of faith routinely seep into popular culture, whether in the form of Bible bumper stickers, evangelistic tracks, mega-church billboards, or Christian theme parks. How can we understand and interact with these forms of “roadside religion”? What role do they play in shaping popular Christian beliefs? And how might a Presbyterian respond to these curious combinations of Christianity and culture? This four-week series will explore these and other questions about the everyday artifacts of faith known as roadside religion. View class material here.

Rediscovering the Ten Commandments: Context, Canon, and Culture

The Ten Commandments are one of the most familiar texts in the Bible. Yet, it is often unclear how, or even if, these ancient commandments should still matter to Christians today. This series considers a number of topics related to the meaning and importance of the Ten Commandments, including their own original context, how they were interpreted by later biblical authors, and why they have had such a lasting influence not only on Christian tradition but also secular culture. View class material here.

The Bible Says It, That Settles It? Rethinking Biblical Interpretation in Contemporary Culture

The Bible is not an easy book to read. And as a result, there is often a good deal of confusion and debate when it comes to knowing how to apply or relate biblical ideas to issues that matters to us today. This four-week series offers an overview of biblical interpretation, with an emphasis on how key theologies of Scripture can help shed light on controversial topics in contemporary life and culture. View class material here.

Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul


The writings of the Apostle Paul are filled with allusions to and quotations from the Old Testament. In fact Paul’s use of Old Testament traditions plays a key role in his formulation of many important concepts in New Testament theology. This 10-week, lecture-style series explores the various ways in which Paul interacts with the Jewish Scriptures and how his style of interpretation has influenced not only the beliefs of the early Church but Christian theology today. View class material here.