Mid-Week Recharge

Join us on Thursdays for a time of livestream worship, fellowship, and education live on Zoom. The evening starts at 6:45 p.m. with a hymn, prayer and a sermon. After worship, online classes will begin at 7:30 p.m. More details about the worship service and classes are provided below. All are welcome!

Every Thursday from May 7–July 9, 2020. Please note we will not have programming on Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Mid-Week Recharge Overview

6:45–7:15 p.m.
Evening prayer and scripture meditation on livestream

7:30–8:30 p.m.
Class time on Zoom (Please read individual class descriptions below for how to join your desired class. Some classes require an extra step to pre-register.)


The Wisdom Collaborative

Leaning into the Wisdom Literature of the Scriptures: a diverse group of Atlanta Preachers will share what they are learning about God and what they are learning about themselves in these days of covid-19. This unique series features Tony Sundermeier, Paul Roberts, Christine Yoder, Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Peter Berg, Simon Mainwaring, Loren Filson Lapidus, Joel LeMon, and Joanna Adams.
Join us on our livestream page for worship.

View past Thursday worship services here.


Raised on the Third Day: Exploring the Resurrection

The empty tomb is one of the most significant symbols in the Christian faith, and reflection on the significance of Jesus’s resurrection fills the pages of the New Testament. How do these reflections relate to Jewish and Greek understandings of resurrection and immortality? How do we understand the different accounts of Jesus’s resurrection in the New Testament? And what does the resurrection of Jesus mean for his followers, both in antiquity and today? Come explore these questions and more in this new Theology Matters course taught by Rev. Dr. Chris Holmes.
Click here for the Zoom Meeting

Pilgrimage: Finding and Following the God We Seek

Join this guided online journey through the spiritual practice of pilgrimage. We will consider our identity as a wandering people who seek God in surprising places. Specifically, we’ll engage Rev. Paul Lang’s book, The Pilgrim’s Compass. Rev. Lang encourages individuals to embrace the ancient path of pilgrimage, both as a metaphor for the daily walk of discipleship and as an intentional journey of faith. The eight-week series includes fresh content, thoughtful online discussion, schedule, study guides, email reminders, and conversation with the author.
Register in advance for this class by contacting Rev. Jamie Butcher via email jbutcher@firstpresatl.org

Zoom Around the World with Mission Co-Workers

The Presbyterian Church (USA) sends individuals and couples around the world to work alongside our global denominational and congregational partners. We call them “Mission Co-Workers.” FPC Atlanta supports two married couples and two individuals engaged in this exciting, challenging, and fruitful ministry in the Caribbean and in the Middle East. Come see God’s church at work through our global partners, and discover how to strengthen our connections with the global church, even during the pandemic.
Click here to register for the Zoom gathering and contact Rev. Leigh Bonner at lbonner@firstpresatl.org for more information.

Being Human: Exploring the Scriptural and theological principles of what makes us who we are

Keith Thompson will be offering a group open to all college, 20s, and 30s. They will take a look at what it means to be human: being made in the image of God, being fully embodied, being sinful, being redeemed, and being hopeful. Come along for the ride and help us think through our humanity.

Click HERE for the Zoom Meeting.

For more information on this group or for fellowship for high school, contact Keith Thompson, kthompson@firstpresatl.org.