“My great joy in becoming a Stephen Minister is the privilege of walking with someone on their personal journey and seeing the miracle of God’s love revealed through listening and prayer. As C.S. Lewis said, ‘The prayers don’t change God. They change us.’” – Nathan Hartman 

“I felt led by God to be a life-line for others, so Stephen Ministry really chose me.” – Pat Gordon 

“Stephen Ministry offers caregivers and care-receivers to mutually thrive in God’s love as we travel down a road of reconciliation, reaffirmation, and healing. I love that Stephen Ministry provides such an important faith-based resource for the church family.” – Brian Johnson

Need a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministry is a care ministry that reaches out to people who need someone to listen as they deal with emotional, physical, or spiritual needs.  Stephen Ministers are extensively trained lay leaders who are equipped to supplement the work of the pastoral staff by providing in-depth one-on-one, confidential care. For more information, contact Rev. Kevin Knab at 404.228.7763 or Rev. Katie Sundermeier at (404)228-7764.

Volunteer with Stephen Ministry

Spiritual gifts are to be given away. God gives them to us, and we use them to serve others. How are you using your gifts right now? Are you looking for a new way to use them? Consider Stephen Ministry, our congregation’s one-to-one caregiving ministry. To learn more about Stephen Ministry and about the training involved please contact Rev. Kevin Knab at 404.228.7763 or Rev. Katie Sundermeier at (404)228-7764.

Stephen Leader Team

Stephen Leader Team: Jim Brown, Kathleen Lewis, Rodrick Glass, Katie Sundermeier and Kevin Knab