Soul Shop

Ministering to Suicidal Desperation

Did you know that one in every 17 adults and one in every six teens are considering suicide?

Thursday, March 30 | 9 am to 3 pm | First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta

Cost: $20
For more information contact 404-228-7737.

Soul Shop™ explores the incidence of suicide, self-injuries, suicidal thinking and people impacted by the death of another. It offers a simple, conversational approach to talking about suicide that can save lives and teaches concrete ways of integrating suicide pre­vention into pastoral care, teaching, training and much more.

Who Can Benefit from Soul Shop™?

• Pastors                                                • Counselors

• Ministry & Youth Leaders             • First Responders

• Seminary Students                        • Social Work Students

Morning Session
You can save a life! We explore the question, “Should we talk about suicide?” and discover that people dealing with suicide actually want to talk about it. We look at the in- cidence of suicide, self injuries, suicidal thinking, and people impacted by the death of another. Finally, we offer a simple conversational approach to talk- ing about suicide that can save lives.

Afternoon Session
You can create soul-safe communities! We learn how to make ministry to those dealing with suicidal desperation an aspect of all that the church does. We do a quick review of Biblical texts and make suggestions for preaching. We practice writing pastoral prayers and pray them together. We learn concrete ways of integrating sui- cide prevention into our pastoral care, teaching, and training.